Sunday, July 3, 2011

Getting settled in....again.

These were the only pictures taken on our move day. We were a little busy for picture taking.
We are officially moved into the new place though. woohoo. Moving really is just no fun. Really no fun. And we like to pick extreme weather conditions to add to the fun too. It was 98 degrees yesterday with the heat index well over 100. Hot. Really Hot. And it is crazy to think that our last move in January it was snowing as we moved furniture in and this time it was blazing hot. Makes for a good story at least right? :)
Let's see. Where to start. We were very blessed to have a good sized group of men come and help get us moved. We were so thankful to have so many hands. We loaded up the truck and ended up not being able to fit everything in 1 load (We got a smaller truck than the last time thinking we had downsized and could fit in a smaller truck, and had already taken many car loads of all of our boxes and stuff). So the guys took the first load and then a couple came back to finish up the last bit of stuff. SK was great considering. She wanted to help to begin with but ending up figuring out pretty quickly that she would be safer to sit in her chair (that is until it got taken to the truck...) playing her leapster. She did that very well while all the guys loaded. Then she hung out at the empty place with me while we waited on the gas company to come and cut the gas off and we had to clean too. So while SK and I did that, the guys unloaded all of our things at the new place. MIchael got back to the old place and we all headed to the new apt. with the last of our things.
One of the guys helping offered to (well, his wife offered) to take SK for the afternoon so I could get some stuff done and she could have so play time with their girls. It was such a blessing to have that time to knock out some stuff like getting beds set up and going back to the old place to make sure the place was all clean and leave our keys and such.
By last night we were pooped. We did a little bit of furniture arranging but not much. Still haven't arranged a whole lot, but I am trying to not get stressed over that and push my sweet hubby too much after he worked so hard yesterday. We tried to make today a little more restful. Last night some friends of ours (Thank you sweet Cowan family!) had pizza delivered to us and another family that lives in our building brought us dinner tonight. We are so incredibly blessed. It has been nice to not have to think about dinner while trying to settle in here.
I love where we are. I love air conditioning. I love living so close to work. I love that Michael can walk to class. I love the community that we have felt already and the friendships that we will build here that I know that will come. I love air conditioning (did I say that already???).
I want all the pictures to just hang themselves now. And in a cute manor. I want someone to come in and tell me where things will look cute and make this place look like home. I am tired of arranging furniture and setting up "house". Michael is not really into the decorating thing. He could really almost care less where the furniture goes and what looks cute or not. I need a female to talk through it. My poor husband. He barely rolled out of bed this morning and I was asking what he thought about puting this table here and that chair there.
Ok, I think that sums up our last couple of days. Picture will come of the new place sometime. You don't want to see it yet, believe me. Its a wreck. It will be cute, maybe. At least I hope it feels homey soon. And cute.
Ok, I am rambling. I need sleep. Maybe I can sleep past 5 am tomorrow.....

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