Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Break-Seminary Style :)

So last week was Michael's spring break.  While we both still had work and he had to do some school work, we tried to find time to do some fun things too.  We made it out to the zoo for the first time this year with some good friends then headed to a WONDERFUL restaurant that we had heard of recently (more on that later...)

We had fun at the zoo, starting off with the free carousel rides then the children's zoo area.  SK is getting more and more brave with getting close to animals (she used to really not be a fan of touching or getting to close to them).  She brushed the goats hair and pet the rabbits!  She had lots of fun with her friend Hannah.  We definitely plan to spend more time at the zoo as it is starting to really warm up here in St. Louis.

After spending the morning at the zoo, we headed to a place called Sweetie Pie's.  I don't know how this has happened, but we have lived here a year and never heard of this place.  It was the closest thing to a southern, "Meat and 3 sides" kinda place I have had since moving here.  Oprah was actually at this place lately from what I heard and it has it's own TLC show now too!  I devoured my plate of baked chicken, mac-n-cheese, green beans and cornbread (that was so, so, so very good!).  They even had sweet tea! (a rarity here in St. Louis).  I should have taken a before picture, but didn't think about it till after mostly finished with the meal.  It was even more fun that we got to enjoy this southern meal in the company of some friends that are also from the south and have a love for the same kind of food :)

Michael got to take the day off on Friday and go fishing with a friend.  He had fun catching 25 fish!  One of them being a five pounder!  SK and I decided to have a girls day shopping.  We started out our morning at the goodwill outlet.  She took $1 and was able to get 4 books and 2 plastic bucket things for only .62 cents!  I found a new in box (in the plastic even!) Bodom French press!  Final cost for that...$1.60!  I was excited about that find.  We then went to some antique malls and had lunch at CFA :)

So that was our spring break.  Now we are back to the grind.  Michael has plenty on his plate this week, since he has to preach next week in class along with some other big things to get done for school.  Back to laundry and dishes...

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  1. Fun fun fun! We had a blast with y'all. : )