Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Our little potato

So according the the online sites, our little one is the size of an onion or potato.   And, our little potato decided to give a good kick for daddy tonight :)  I am sitting here on the couch and start feeling little flutter (I have been feeling little thumps for a week or 2 now...).  I tell Michael to come over and take a break from his paper writing to come and put his hand on my tummy.  Within a minute the little potato kicked his hand.  It was fun.  I kinda can't stop smiling.  I love, love, love feeling the baby even if it is just little bits right now.
I have been feeling like cooking today and man did I.  I think I spent 5 hours in the kitchen this morning.  Well...in between playing with the girls, changing diapers, dishing out snacks and meals, ect.  Wanna know what I made?  of course you do :)
I started out with homemade yogurt, which actually started yesterday.  I am gonna need to retry this one.  It was an epic fail.  I am not giving up on it yet though, I will give it another try sometime soon maybe.
Then it was homemade fruit leathers (like fruit roll ups).  I am actually shoving them in my mouth right now.  They are delicious.  DELICIOUS.  So simple too.  I found this recipe and altered it a bit.
I stewed some frozen organic strawberries with lemon juice and a bit of water.  After about 5-6 minutes I put them in the blender, added some cinnamon and agave nectar and blended it all up.  Next I put it on a rim lined cooking sheet (that I covered with parchment paper).  I set my oven to it's lowest temp (170 degrees) and let them dehydrate for about 5 hours.  I checked them at that point and decided to sprinkle a little water around the edges where it was looking a bit crispy.  It went another hour, then I was able to flip the whole thing over and dry out the other side for a bit (one hour).  SO, total in the oven was 7 hours, but it was on a low temp and they were so, so good (did I say that already?)
Next, I made some roasted chickpeas.  Yummy too :) Easy.  Here is the link for where I got started with it, but I altered it to to my pregnancy likings :)  I rinsed the peas, juiced 1 lime on them, added some olive oil, garlic, salt, and cumin.  Put them on a cookie sheet and cook at 350 for about 25-30 minutes, tossing around every 10 or so.  I can think of other ways that would be yummy too to season them.  SK liked them too, so that was good :)
Then I made this Southwest quinoa salad thing for lunch.  This is the second time I have made it, and it is yummy.  SO healthy too.  I changed it up a bit too, using limes instead of lemon and throwing in some red wine vinegar too.
Alright, that was it for today.  I did 2 loads of laundry and some vacuuming too.  Then I crashed at nap time with a 2 hour nap.
I think I need to head to bed soon.  It's been a good, productive day that has worn me out.  Tomorrow needs to be a fun day just hanging out and no cooking :)

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