Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

Sarah Kate got really into the Easter egg hunting this year and got to do it a total of 3 times!  We went to our church last weekend and got to sit and listen to the story of Jesus' death and Resurection then head outside to hunt the eggs.  SK was so funny to make sure to help her friends find the eggs too :)  She also was funny about how sweetly she would ask for "just one more piece" of candy.

Then, on Friday, the family I nanny for had a little hunt set up for SK to do and teach Molly (their little girl) how to properly search for the eggs.  I forgot to get any pictures there, but she had a blast and definitely had a bit of sugar there :)

On Saturday, we had our campus housing egg hunt for all the kiddos that live here on campus.  We attempted to get a picture of all of them on the, there are a lot of kiddos here!  We had fun hanging out with friends and watching the kids go crazy looking for eggs all around the playground.

Goofy kids...the best picture I could get of Sk and her buddy Hannah Mae

Saturday night we had some friends over to make our annual Resurection Cookies!  It was fun and messy to let all of the kids help out with making them, but so worth the mess.  I love doing these each year and am so glad that it has become our tradition!  It is a great way to point SK (and us too!) to the real reason we celebrate Easter. It isn't for the eggs and candy.  We celebrate a risen Savior that isn't in the tomb!  He is RISEN!

I didn't get any pictures of us making the cookies (too busy having fun I guess :))  And on Easter morning we all slept in a bit and didn't get a chance to take any pictures before heading to church (plus a certain 3 year old decided to pitch quite a fit too...)  SO, this is the only picture taken on Easter. 

We worshipped at church and then made lunch with some friends and hung out for a while!  It was a fun Easter.  We miss being with our family and friends back in Alabama, but are so thankful for the Lord calling us here and blessing us with people here that we can be family with and celebrate together with! 

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