Wednesday, March 28, 2012

She's a Hearbreaker...

Sarah Kate has become quite the heartbreaker, at least for her mommy lately.  She is getting more and more aware of the distance between here and Alabama and it makes her sad.  When we first moved to St. Louis she was young enough to not necessarily understand the distance or the time that would be between seeing the ones we love in Alabama.  Now she does.  The last 2 visits from grandparents have been really hard for her.  She gets so upset when they have to leave and it breaks my heart.  Then, yesterday she started saying how she missed her cousin, Haven.  Like, in tears sobbing missing her. 

I don't like to see my daughter sad.  I know she doesn't understand why we live 8 hours from so many people that she loves, but God is faithful and will continue to be to our family and he will grow her through this time at seminary, just like we are learning and growing through this time too. 

Changing the subject a little, she has become quite the little momma lately.  It is really pretty cute.  She takes care of me so well.  Dinner time has been a challenge for me lately and when I go running from the table to....well, eject the food that baby doesn't like...she comes over to me and pats me on the back and says "Did baby not like that bite, momma?  It's ok, do you want me to get you your water?"  And she will sit there with me holding me making sure I am ok.  It is really quite cute.

She told me the other day as we were walking back to our apartment that I didn't need to run because, "Baby might fall out!"  hehe.  She has opinions too on the name.  It is different this time around talking names, because she wants in on the decision.  We tell her we will take her opinion into consideration, but mommy and daddy have the final say :)

As far as me. I have been feeling alright.  I am thankful in so many ways for the nausea and tiredness, but it is hard at times.  This week has been Michael's spring break, so I have been able to nap a little more and rest, which has been nice.  He does a great job of taking care of momma and the kiddos :)

Yesterday we went to Target and I had nachos in the snack section.  This will mark the first time I have had nachos during this pregnancy (If you didn't know me during my pregnancy with Sk, you missed the fact that I LOVED them while pregnant with her and would take trips to Target just for the nachos...)  I have been a bit healthier this time around.  Really craving fruit and veggies a lot.  I could eat an apple 3 times a day.  Yum.  I guess one of the unhealthy cravings would have to be Papa John's pizza.  I think part of that craving is a craving for things that remind me of Alabama.  I love me a good ole Pepperoni and Pineapple pizza with their garlic butter sauce.  MMMM...pair that will a good ole sprite and it is incredible :)

Speaking of Alabama, we hope to get to Alabama this summer, and when we do, I totally plan of checking off my list all of my other cravings that can't be fulfilled here in St. Louis.  These would include Joel's, Cafe on Main, Charley's....just to name a few :)

Alright, enough rambling.  We are less than six weeks from finding out if SK is having a baby brother or sister.  Crazy, right?!?  So given my cravings, what do you think...boy or girl???

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  1. Hi friend. I just got done catching up on your blog. It makes me tear up and smile all at the same time. I love hearing about your life up there and God's faithfulness. Miss you guys!