Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Belly pic :)

So I had requests to see the growing belly.  Not much to see yet, but there is definitely a good bump after a good meal or by the end of the day.  You have to ignore the fact that I look horrible...no makeup, in jammies and I have a goofy look on my face.  If you can get past that, check out the little baby bump :)

In other news, I am gearing up for a cooking day with a friend today.  I am excited to get some meals put away in the freezer, esp. since I am completely unmotivated to cook lately. 
I have recently gotten really into learning things that I can make instead of buy.  For instance:
I now make my own butter, coffee creamer, salad dressing, chocolate syrup, and granola.
It has really been fun to give all of these things a try and I have really been impressed with how easy it all is and how much money it can save us, plus the fact that we don't have crazy additives and weird ingredients that we can't even pronounce.  I am becoming more and more a fan of cutting out as many processed foods as possible.
So anyone want the recipes :)
Maybe I will post links later for all of those things...

In baby news, I went to the doctor on Thursday and got to hear the heartbeat again.   It was a strong 194 beats per minute!  I can't believe I am already 12 weeks!  So far I haven't felt too bad, but this last week the nausea kicked into super drive.  I would think being at the end of the first trimester things would start to get better with that, but the opposite has happened.  I am thankful in many ways, but it does make it a bit hard for cooking for the family.  Last week, I think I was only able to eat one complete dinner.  All of the others I only got a few bites in before either gagging or throwing up.  Gross I know.  I know it is a good sign that baby is growing and that makes it totally worth it.

I have my next two appointments set, so that means I have my big ultrasound on May 8th when we hopefully will find out the gender!  So excited about that!

Off to get ready for some cooking today!  Hope everyone else has a lovely Tuesday!


  1. Awww. You're so cute! And I agree about cooking ahead of time. Its so much cheaper and healthier!