Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mimi's spring visit!

I am slow to blog these days.  Oh well.  My mom visited us a few weeks ago for the weekend and we had a great time together.  Due to my nausea and tiredness, we chilled a lot and didn't go and do too much this time.   It was nice to just hang out and not be too busy.   Given all of that, I didn't take too many pictures, but I did get some from our morning that we went to the Magic House.  SK had a blast showing Mimi all of the fun things to do there.  We ate good and took naps (or maybe I just took the nap...) everyday. 
Michael and I got to have a date night too (and SK had her date with Mimi!).  It was a nice treat that we enjoy when grandparent's come to town. :)

So here are a few pictures I did catch while Mimi was in town!
 Fishing with Daddy and Mimi!

Introducing Mimi to the electricity room!

Dinner with Mimi!

Thanks for coming up Mimi!  We had fun with ya! 

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