Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Day

We will let the pictures tell our day's recap from Thanksgiving!
We started out our day finding Sarah Kate sleeping sideways in her big girl bed.
Then we got up, got our wings on, and enjoyed some chocolate chip muffins for breakfast!
After filling our belllies, we all pitched in to help make some white chocolate bread pudding.
After filling up with an incredible lunch, we played some football outside.
Sarah Kate found it fun to fill her sack up with rocks from Nana and Pop's garden.
Time for some family pics :)
Cookie break with Memaw!
After nap, we headed off for more fun at Mimi's with everyone!
The girls were so busy all night running around playing, this is the how most all of the pictures turned out....blurry :) They had some good fun though!

Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving!

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  1. Precious... Precious! Sweet memories!!!
    I love my family! Nana