Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pumpkin Patch Rewind

Well, the holidays are quickly approaching and times are busy right now, which means the blog is way overdue once again. A few weeks ago we headed out to the Pumpkin patch with Sarah Kate and had such a blast that we went again :) Sarah Kate had such fun both times seeing all of the animals, riding the hay ride and she definitely had an opinion this year on which pumpkin she wanted to go home with her. So here is an overload of pics from both fun days!

Last weekend we had our "By Hand Boutique" at our church which I was crazy busy the week before making things for. I had a blast sharing a booth with Whitney and even sold some things :) Now with that behind me though, my focus this week has been the start of cleaning out and getting ready for the big pack. I can't believe we are down to 7 weeks! So much to do and I can easily get overwhelmed by looking at the whole picture, but that is when the husband comes in and eases my mind and reminds to take it a day at a time and one box at a time. Hopefully through this crazy time of year I won't slack too much on the blog. We shall see I guess :) Now off to enjoy some down time while the princess hopefully continues to nap...

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  1. Love it... so sweet! The pumpkin patch trip we will cherish forever!!!
    Love you all so much!
    Hugs and Kisses, Nana