Sunday, November 7, 2010

How Great is our God!

Well, Michael and I are back from a whirlwind of a trip to St. Louis. We left Wednesday and hit the ground running. Sarah Kate had a blast at all of her "slumber parties". Our time up there was spent learning the city, looking for housing, and job interviews. We found most of the houses we went to see on Craigslist. It was a great resource for us, but let's just say, looks can sometimes be deceiving from online verses reality. Some of the places we had made appointments with were not the same as what they were portrayed as online. Thursday and Friday were spent rushing from appt. to appt. then to interviews. We had found some okay options, but nothing I felt excited about. Michael did have his interview on Thursday, which he was offered a job at the end of the interview, so that was encouraging and exciting. He will be working with Chick-Fil-A part-time. It seems like they are going to be a great company to work for during this time in our lives. I also interviewed with a few different nanny positions, and decided to accept a position that seems like it will be a great fit for Sarah Kate and I. I am so excited about the job and think it will be a great environment and lots of fun too :)

So, we were able to check off of our list both getting jobs. Back to the housing. By Friday, Michael and I had pretty much fell in love with one area of St. Louis called Richmond Heights. We were able to open some time up on Friday and just drive down the streets of this area and look for any for rent signs that we could find, then pull over and call. So Friday, we happened upon this one house. It seemed cute enough on the outside, so we pulled over and called. The sweetest lady answered the phone and I talked with her about the house for about 30 minutes. We set up to meet the next morning before we flew out. When we walked inside, I got giddy. I LOVED it. I mean, LOVED LOVED it. It is adorable and I could see our furniture in there and it being a place that I could call home for the time we are there. The other places we had considered up to this point all had flaws and things I wasn't really excited about, but this place meets all of our needs. It has a yard that Sarah kate can play in, which was not the case with most of the others we had looked at. It has a kitchen that I can move around in, nothing big, but useable and clean and really cute. We had one other appt. after this house, so we left saying that we loved it and would let her know soon. As we looked at the other house, I kept thinking about that house and how it just felt like home. We headed to grab lunch and talk it over before heading to the airport and decided to call the lady of the house we loved and tell her we would like to rent it. We were finally able to get in touch with her after landing in Birmingham and it sounds like as long as her husband is okay with holding it for us for the month of Dec. then it is ours. Pray with us that her husband will be fine with that.

So that is a quick summary of our last few days. We were definitely exhausted by the end of it, but felt so blessed. God has been so gracious to us and He continues to provide for us. He is so faithful, and all we have to do is believe. I do admit there were times during the trip I struggled with my unbelief, but God chose to bless us even though I didn't have the faith at times that it would all work out. God is so good and as Sarah Kate always sings, "Our God is a great, big God!"

Now without further ado, welcome to our St. Louis home:

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