Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Life Update

I am pooped from a fun filled day, so this blog post might be random and confusing, but I am going to attempt an update anyways.

1. We officially have a house to move into in St. Louis :) We got a hold of the landlord last week and found out that they were accepting our application (the last time we had talked with her, they were also processing 2 other applications on the house). They are willing to hold the house until January, which is what our prayer was. Praise! Michael and I breathed a nice sigh of relief when we found out. Place to live: check!

2. Packing is officially underway around here. We brought in some boxes yesterday to get started. I want to not be overwhelmed during the holidays, so I figure if I get started now then we will be free for fun Christmas activities later. We already have the spare bedroom as our "box room" so we can put boxes in there as we pack and not be living with boxes all around us which is nice.

3.Sarah Kate moved into her "big girl bed" last week. It has been successful so far, except she is getting more and more adventurous with getting out whenever she sees fit (like tonight after being put to bed). She loves her bed though and I am glad she is transitioning so easily before the move.

4. So last night my throat was really bothering me. So I have had this occasional annoying sore throat, feeling like there is a knife on one side of my throat. I have ignored it for long enough and last night it was really bothering me. Michael looks at it with a flashlight and discovers a white pocket on my right tonsil. So we decide to call the doctor this morning and get worked in to see my ENT doc. After the doctor sees it and I explain how long it has been on and off hurting me, he tells me I need to have my tonsils removed. Boo. I am not very excited about this and of course this comes at a time when we are getting close to the move and leaving jobs, ect... Pray for me. I scheduled the surgury for Dec. 17th, the week before Michael's last week at his work. I am glad to have an "in" at the hospital (my mother works in the recovery room), so I will know the people who recover me and take care of me, but it is still surgury...boo. Pray for Michael and I as we figure out insurance details. I know it will be an easy surgury and the recovery should not be bad at all, but it is the week before Christmas and 3 weeks before our move. Crazy! God is good and I know this is just another opportunity to trust in Him and He will provide all we need. He has so far and I know He will continue to as we take this journey called life.

So given that I have this surgury thing to do in a few weeks, packing is going to be kicked into high gear beforehand. I am so thankful for family and friends that we have hear to help. Fun times ahead....

Y'all have a good thanksgiving!! I am ready for some fun family time this weekend and then we can get back to all this crazy stuff figuring out next week. For now, I plan to be lazy with my baby girl today, do a little cooking, and enjoy family this weekend :) We are so blessed and I thank our Father in Heaven for all that we have been blessed with, even though I am a dirty rotten sinner undeserving, BUT He loves me and cares and still blesses our family. Thank you Father!


  1. Lifting you up in prayer! Remember, as I said earlier... God will give us the grace we need at the moment we need it! Also, as said by Sarah Kate, "Our God is a great big God, Our God is a great big God! He holds us in His hands, I will not be afraid, I will not be afraid!"... from the mouth of babes!
    That is all we need to know!
    Love you so much, Theresa

  2. Yuck on the tonsils. :-( I was going to say you could pack up the Christmas wrap and come to my gift wrap party. Maybe you will have to come a few days early!