Friday, November 19, 2010

Michael's 2 cents

Since my lovely bride set me up as a publisher on our blog, I thought I would make a quick post. So I guess I'll just share what is on my mind lately. We are quickly approaching our move to St. Louis so naturally my mind has been on that. I was talking with a co-worker the other day who was asking me about our plans to move to St. Louis to go to seminary. As I explained how we have gotten to this point in our journey, I realized how many things that the Lord has done and how much grace we have received. I could not help but to praise Him. I also realized that the Lord has been teaching me something else through all of this...

It is very common especially in our culture to focus on human success or approach things from a man-centered perspective (I must say that I have to repent of this sin often, and I trust that many of you do as well). We even do it with events in scripture such as the life of Joseph or David. We use these stories as moral examples and miss the deeper purpose. That deeper purpose is that they foreshadow the redeemer. They show us how God is working out redemption in history. The simple truth is that God's own Son, Jesus Christ, is the hero. He loved and died for us even while we were enemies of God. The good news of the gospel is that He is Lord and His kingdom is here! Romans 8:28 (a commonly quoted verse) takes on a much deeper meaning when we consider all of this. Rather than focusing on what we think is good for us, we will focus on the perfect good that God purposed through His Son.

As I work through this myself I think back on all that the Lord has done to prepare the way to seminary and I am reminded of the fact the Lord is working out all of this for the building up of His kingdom! May we make much of Christ!

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  1. Well done son! I'm so proud of what the Lord is doing in you, and through you! I love you so very much, You're a blessing!

    To God be the glory, great things He has done!