Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Holiday preparations are underway!

Well, the holiday season is approaching quickly and I have found my first awesome bargain of the season. Thanks to some friends, I found Shutterfly is doing a great deal where you can get 50 free cards when you write up a blog about their products and spreading the word for others to check out their website. So, here you find my blog so that I can get the free cards! I must say though that I have used Shutterfly before and have enjoyed their service and prices in the past. The have some great gift ideas and the prices are really not too bad, esp. when they are always running some sort of deal with your order.
If you wanna check out their holiday cards, go Here or check out These too. I still have to choose which ones we will order, but there are some great choices found there.
Last year I used Shutterfly to make Michael a Calendar for him to keep at work. I loved how cute it turned out and Michael loved the pictures of his little girl on each page.
If you are a blogger too, check out this link for how I am going to get 50 free cards! It is worth the few minutes it took to write up a quick blog!

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