Saturday, July 10, 2010

Move Day

well, it's early and I am up before everyone of course. We officially move into the "new" house today. If you haven't seen our new digs, you should come check them out. We are really excited about it, esp. the yard for sarah kate. she is loving it already. It helps make the transition easier out of the old house when there is so many fun things about where we are going. i will hopefully get some pics today and post them later, just thought i would do a quicky blog while i wait for everyone to get up. i get asked a lot, am i sad to leave our first house? truthfully, maybe a little, but God has given me such a peace about it and such an excitement to see how he has openned the door at this rental house that I am okay leaving this house. I am so amazed at God's provision through this. We have had some great memories here and I have loved many things about this house, that I am sure I will end up missing (like a microwave and a normal shade of tan carpet), but overall, I am excited. It might be too that I am too tired to even think about whether i am sad or not. Moving is a lot of work, and we still have a ways to go.
And, on a side mushy note, my husband is pretty much the best there is out there. He has been so sweet during this process. He loves me and Sarah Kate so much and it is reflected so much in how he cares for us. We are truly blessed with a pretty amazing man of God. I don't think I could make this move it is wasn't for him. Well, actually, I know I couldn't. Not for physical strength, but for the support he has shown me and his love. Well, I off to finish packing last minute stuff. I will hopefully post more later on the move!

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