Thursday, July 22, 2010

Camp Cornerstone week!

Well, we have had a crazy week! It is camp cornerstone week at our church and Sarah kate has been having a blast (I admit I have too :)). I have been helping with the 4 and 5's group and Sarah Kate is with her friends in the 2 and 3's. She has done so well. I thought if she ran into me during the day she would end up tagging along with me, but she has pleasently surprised me. She saw me pass by in the hallway today and just waved and said "Hey mama!" and kept playing in her class :) She is beginning to look like such a big girl to me. My group has been so awesome too! We are learning to be Soldiers of God's army and how to arm ourselves with the Word of God against the devils schemes. Not only a lesson these children need to hear, but one that I need to hear too. I have been meaning to get a picture all week, but of course, being the good mother that I am, I have not. Sarah Kate loves the singing time and music and has been dancing in the gym with all the big kids. It is so fun to watch her without a care in the world, dance to the music. Oh, to be a child again. One day in heaven, I can picture me and Sarah Kate dancing at the feet of Jesus. Maybe I can catch a pic tomorrow, but for now, you will have to see how we look as soon as we leave camp and head straight home for naps!

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