Thursday, July 22, 2010

Crafty "New" Rug

If I haven't mentioned it before, we have moved into a house with incredible orange carpet. Don't be jealous. I know most of you do not have to pleasure to call your carpet orange, but we now do :) So during our move, we originally left a carpet remnant at our old house, not thinking we would have anything to do with it or any need for it. Then, I got to thinking. I told Michael as we went back to our old house for our final walk through to grab the remnant and I would come up with a way to use it in Sarah kate's room. I knew it would be pricey to get the carpet bound, but knew with a little research, I could find a way to bind it myself. Blogs are lovely things. It took no time to find a creative way to turn a boring remnant into a cute rug to match any room. So here is what I decided to do. I went to the fabric store, found 1 yard of cute, heavy duty fabric and went to work. I cut the fabric into 8 inch wide strips and sewed them into 1 really long strip. Then I hemmed one side (the side that would be on top). I then got out the ole hot glue gun and heated it up. I glued the hemmed side of the fabric to the top of the carpet (making about a 3 inch border). I set some heavy things on top of the fabric while it dried. After going all the way around, I then let it dry, then turned it over to glue down the other side of the fabric (not hemmed side) to the bottom.

I plan to get some ribbon to add around the border, but for now, I think it turned out cute! Sarah Kate acts like it is a stage to dance on in the middle of the room when we are playing music and it covers some of the crazy orange carpet that doesn't exactly match her pink kitchen. All in all the project costs about $10 for the fabric. I already had the glue and thread, so no costs there.

I love how it turned out and hope this might inspire someone else too :) I know plenty of us have carpet remnants around our house!


  1. Michelle! This is adorable! You did a great job! How cute! Btw, we have GOT to get together SOON! Let's plan!!