Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy Anniversary to the love of my life :)

Four years ago today, I married the hottest, most incredible, sweet guy there is. Sorry ladies, hate to tell you that I got the best, but I did. Michael, I am so blessed to have you as my husband. I love you so much and appreciate how much you love me and Sarah Kate. I am excited to see where the Lord will take us the next four years and the next 40. You are so kind and caring even when you are dealing with a whiny wife. I love you so much :)

Enough mush right? Well just for fun here is a recap of our day four years ago, just in case some of you might have missed this incredible day:

I started my day off with bridesmaids and mothers and friends at a prayer breakfast where we spent time in prayer together (and a few happy tears and laughter too). I got to the church incredibly early (I believe 11:00) to get started curling my hair (for those that know me, my hair does not like to curl). We saw each other for the first time at about 3:00. I remember walking to the doors to go into the church with such butterflies in my stomach. Michael was at the front of the church where he would be standing for the ceremony and I walked to him and then he turned around to see me. It was a beautiful moment just the two of us. After pics we went to our own rooms to wait for the ceremony. There was a huge rainstorm that came through right before it was supposed to start and I remember our coordinator coming in and saying we were gonna wait to start because people were still running in (late from the weather). I remember telling her, as long as Michael was here, I was ready, who cared if there was anyone else there, as long as me and him were there :). My two brothers walked me down the aisle. As they got ready to open the doors for me to walk down the aisle, my older bro squeezed my arm and whispered in my ear that him and my twin bro had a bet going that I would be crying before we got the the front of the church, He said he really wanted to win. And of course, I was in tears as we got to the front as the preacher started to pray to begin the ceremony. I remember Johnny squeezing my arm at that point and I laughed slightly to myself. Ooh, and before I came in, one fun thing we had planned, were four of my ballet students danced to "Come thou Fount". I loved that. We exchanged rings and vows, quick kiss and then announced. As we headed out after being announced, You can here me on the video giggling. I was so excited :). Did I mention too, that on the video, you can hear how horrible our violinist was. Wow, she was bad. If only I had know Connie Skellie (An amazing violinists and now friend of mine). We then headed to the reception at a country club. Took some pics over there with the bridal party, grabbed some bites and then we announced and had our first dance to "L-O-V-E" by Frank Sinatra. Michael then danced with his mama and I danced with my brother to I can't remember what song? Our reception was a blast. The food was great and everyone danced, a lot! I think we had the Alabama fight song played by our dj (per requests) 3 or 4 times. Michael's cake was Alabama themed, with a houndstooth hat (made out of cake and fondant). My cake was classic (or i thought so). It was a round, 4 tier. I loved how it looked. One funny memory from the reception: we had 2 wedding crashers. Two guys came, signed our book, ate our food, danced with just about every bridesmaid and even the grandmothers. My photographer got 2 pics of them and I am so glad :). I remember someone asking at some point do you know them? or are they friends with michael? and right around that time, they left. We found it hilarious. To end the night, we left in a limo with rose petals thrown. We went to Atlanta that night (the limo took us there) and finally got to our hotel there at almost 5 in the morning. Our driver did not take good directions, so we spent our wedding night, driving up and down the streets of atlanta lost. We spent 2 nights (or I guess 1 and a half) and left Monday morning for Mexico where we spent our honeymoon. Whew, are you tired of going down memory lane with me? We have such great memories from both the wedding and our honeymoon! The last four years have been pretty awesome, we have had some great times and some hard times. I know there will be both great and hard times ahead of us and I can't wait to share them with this guy I get to call my husband. I love you babe :)

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  1. I'm glad you shared this recap of your wedding. I wasn't there and it's pretty neat to get a peek of what happened. I never knew you had a twin brother!