Sunday, July 25, 2010

Are you paying too much???

As we have made our move to the new house, we are going through our list of who we need to update with our new address. We contacted our current car insurance company and were going to let them know of our new address and they were going to let us know of our new rate since we had moved. That sparked a thought, that "hey, we should call around and see if we are still getting the best price". We havent called around since we got married (4 years). At that time, we found the best price and have stuck with the same company.

We decided last night to get online and get some online quotes to compare rates. Low and behold, we have found that we are paying too much!!! So far, we have found one other company that will save us over $80 a month!!!! that is crazy. Why have we not called before now?

So, with this new discovery for us, I feel the need to encourage others, have you checked around lately? It is something we all should do more often and it won't take that much time, but will save us so much! I was excited and felt the need to share and maybe someone else will read this and find some savings too!

Finally, I must close this post with a cute pic of my princess :) She wore a dress that I wore when I was her age this morning to church. She looked like a little doll (at least to me she did). Hope yall enjoy!

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