Saturday, February 23, 2013

SK goodness....

So I thought I would do a little update on our eldest girly.  Let's see...
 The girl loves her some chocolate!  This was yesterday when I offered her a chocolate chip cookie after playing in the snow and she wouldn't even take the time to take off her coat and hat before digging in!

 Last night, SK requested Michael read her some Hebrew instead of reading from Narnia, which is what they have been reading together before heading to bed.  Goofy girl was all about listening to Daddy read, which helped Daddy knock out some school work and do bedtime reading at the same time.

One more for fun...I love my big little girl :)

She cracks us up every day with her silliness.  She uses phrases just about everyday that she picks up from either me or Michael.  Some of them that come to my mind right now:
"Imagine that.."  --like with a sarcastic tone said meaning "go figure.."
"I'm like crazy in love with..." The girl has really picked up saying "like" a lot.
"Here's the deal..."
"I got an idea, momma!"

She is also quite strong willed many days.  It can be challenging trying to figure out how to parent her well. 

The girl has some energy, that is for sure!  We are ready for some warmer days so we can be outside burning some energy on the playground.  SK is quite our little social butterfly and loves to get outside to see what friends are out and about playing.  She typically asks most days who is coming over for dinner or if we can invite someone over for a playdate.  It is almost torture for her to make her play in her room by herself.

She also loves her sister.  I love seeing how much she is in love with Evie.  A few days ago she wanted to rock Evie and sing to her before bed.  It was precious.  I love seeing my girls together.  Melts my heart and I am thankful that I am getting to experience these precious moments.

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