Wednesday, February 27, 2013

5 months!!!

Evie is officially 5 months old!  Hard to believe...
Not sure what she is weighing these days, but my guess is a little over 12 lbs.
She is all smiles and giggles these days, esp. with her sister.  She loves watching and "talking" to SK.
We are still waking about 2 times a night to eat and still ending up some nights in the bed cuddling with mommy.  She just likes her cuddles, I can't blame her really :)

 And this stinker can't stand if she doesn't get camera time too :)

Look who decided to do mommy's hair!  She actually did a pretty good job and just about put me to sleep brushing my hair :)
Here's SK at 5 months (well...actually at 4.5 months I think...).  I think they look so similar in this picture!  Esp. with the finger in her mouth--Evie does that all the time these days :)
And on a side note...look how little our friend Gracie is!!??  Good times...

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