Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lack of Blogs...

Long time no see right??!!  So sad.  Michael is in the midst of a crazy semester and has to use the computer a lot for school work, so that means little chances for me to get time to blog or do anything on the computer for that matter.  This semester is definitely the biggest load thus far for him.  Add to his school work, his jobs and such....boo.

So I might not get many chances to do blogging the next few months, but I will when I can :)

So what have we been up to?  Not much really.  Same old stuff for the most part.  I am happy to say that we have had a couple really good nights with Evie.  For the most part, she still wakes 2 times a night, but those feedings are tending to be pretty easy and quick, so that is nice.  
We did have one night last week where she nursed at 9:30, I went to bed and Michael took her till she finally gave up and went to sleep at 10:45, then slept till 4:30!!!!!  So that means I got 7 hours sleep!  I felt like a new woman :)  We haven't had that long of a stretch since, but that is ok.  I will take it when I can get it.  Now if we could just figure out how to get her to lay down at night before 10 or 11 or even later at night.  She gets tired around 7:30 or so most nights, but won't let us lay her down to stay for longer than 30 minutes....So that means we don't go to sleep (or at least one of us...) till at least 10 or later every night.

What else is new...

She is getting big enough now to enjoy her bumbo seat :)  The girl loves it too.  She is always trying to sit up when we have her in the swing or bouncy seat.  So she is a happy girl to have a seat where she is sitting up!
 She loves her ring finger for sucking and chewing on...so funny!

I have been trying out some new homemade things lately and doing some other homemade things I haven't done in a while.  Old things include coffee creamer (why haven't I made this in a while?  I love this stuff!), butter, granola, laundry detergent...
New stuff include getting into some bathroom things.  I tried the whole no 'poo thing with my hair but couldn't take it.  My hair felt so greasy the next day (I know I could have pushed through the first part and it wouldn't stay that way, but I couldn't do it...).  SO no go on the no 'poo thing.  I do like the coconut oil deep hair conditioning, so I will do that on occasions for sure.  Speaking of coconut oil...I am loving the many uses of it.  I use it mixed with baking soda to wash my face, also as an all over lotion for the girls and myself.  If you haven't tried using coconut oil as a lotion, I highly recommend it. HIGHLY.  My skin feels amazing.  I also mix in some Vitamin E oil when I remember too.  Or I put Vitamin E oil in a hot bath.  My skin feels so soft after that :)
I also am trying out using baking soda in place of deodorant.  So far I am sold on that.  I have wanted to try doing something besides store bought deodorant, esp. given all of the possibly harmful and weird ingredients in them.  I first thought I would make a homemade deodorant, till talking to a friend who said she just used baking soda and found she liked it just as well if not better.  I figure if it works just as well it would be easier than making one.  So I have been "deodorant free" for over a week now and no stink so far :)  And MIchael has joined me too, and I can say the same for him too :)

Alright...off to make some muffins this morning while the baby naps!  Or maybe I will piddle around online since I actually have the computer this morning while Michael is in class :)

A few more pics of the girls to leave yall with :)

 Evie is loving to play with her piggies lately!

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  1. Yay! Glad to see you doing some more homemade stuff! Here is a recipe for deodorant that I am usinghttp://homesteadrevival.blogspot.com/2011/01/homemade-deodorant.html?m=1...a few others are too. I love it! Isn't that coconut oil fabulous!? Where has it been all my life!