Thursday, February 21, 2013

Productive Snow Day!

Today started out a bit rough, but once it got going and I had my morning coffee, things turned around and ended up pretty great.  So let's see....
Last night during the night, Evie was a booger.  I don't think I could or want to put that any nicer.  It wasn't nice.  Not nice at all.  She went to bed good at 8:15 (which normally she doesn't give up till at least 10, most nights more like 11 or 12).  She woke up then at 11:15, so I fed her and she went right back to sleep.  I was hopeful at that point that the rest of the night would be not too bad...
Well...then she woke up at 1:15, not the stretch I was hoping for to say the least.  Then I tried to lay her back down at 2:00 and she woke 10 minutes later and was wide awake ready to party.  At one point she just laid in her bassinet and I sat up in the bed and we just stared at each other.  She laughed and I stared.  It was great fun (enter sarcastic voice...).  Finally at 3:30 a.m.  I woke Michael and said he had to take her.  I knew his classes for today were cancelled, so I didn't feel as bad waking him up knowing he had the day off from school.  He came out to the living room and hung out with her till 5:20 and brought her back to me at that point since his alarm was about to go off (he still had to go and get Molly--the little girl we nanny).  I then was able to feed Evie and get her back down.  Then she was up for the day at 7:30.  Whew.  That was tiring.
I made coffee and tried to gather my energy for the day.  I had a goal of fixing some things in the kitchen, but wasn't sure if I was going to actually do it since I was so sleep deprived :)
I pushed through and am glad I did.  It ended up being a fun day cooking with SK in the kitchen :)  We watched the snow fall and listened to music while cooking away.  SK was cute wearing her apron and asked what she could do next to help.
SO what all did we make, you ask???
Let's see...
1--Chocolate Chip Muffins from scratch.  I have made these multiple times and we love the recipe.  I love that they are sweetened without sugar and are so yummy!
2-Pancake Bites--We haven't made these before, but they looked and smelled yummy.  We will give then a try in the morning and see what we think.  I am trying to come up with more breakfast items for us to have on hand either fresh or in the freezer.  It really has been fun to come up with ideas to help get  away from such processed breakfast items like we have tended to eat in the past.
3-Salsa--I love making our salsa and tend to make it about 2-3 times a month.  It is great to have on hand for Mexican food nights and for snacking too.
4-Guacamole-yum. We were having Mexican tonight and I had an avocado begging to be used :)
5-Tortillas--yep, homemade tortillas.  I have done this once before and they turn out so yummy.  They really aren't hard to make, take about 15 minutes and are so much better than store bought, plus cheap and I know what all of the ingredients are.
6-Chocolate Chip Cookies :)  I figured after dinner we needed a treat for such a productive day, so we whipped up some cookies.  To top it off, the cookies were made with some homemade butter I made a couple days ago :)

How's that for productivity.  I told Michael I probably won't want to cook again for a week, but it was fun today :)  And the kitchen is all cleaned up and tidy!

We did get a good snow today, probably around 6 inches is my guess.  It was pretty to look at from inside :)  SK and Michael headed out to play in it this afternoon and had fun.

And after saying our bedtime prayers with SK, we got to have a cool little chat with SK about the gospel.  It is so neat to see her understanding of the gospel growing.
Then she was giving hugs and kisses, and when giving Evie's, little Evie grabbed SK's cheek and pulled it to her face and gave SK a nice sloppy open mouth "kiss".  Melt my heart.  Don't try to convince me that it wasn't really a kiss or that she was just trying to put anything she can get her hands on in her mouth.  I think she was really giving love to her sister :)
And Evie was so giddy about it.
SK asked me to lay in her bed with her for a minute and sing her a song tonight.  We don't typically sing at bedtime, she listens to music and we cuddle, but she doesn't normally ask us to sing to her.  After I sang her a song, she said, "Hey mommy!  Here's the deal.  Let's do a pattern (she actually says...patturin...).  One night you sing and the next night you don't..."  I asked her if she wanted me to sing her another song tonight and she replied "no."  Ha.  I guess that is what she thinks about her mommy's singing :)

I love my girls.  Even when one of them keeps me up during the night or the other screams at me when she doesn't get her way...God has truly blessed us with 2 incredible little ones and I cherish these awesome moments like today.

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