Thursday, September 22, 2011

on parenting...

Parenting is hard.  Plain and simple.  Don't get me wrong, there are some really fun moments and I wouldn't change anything about it.  I am so thankful to even be a parent.  I know there are plenty of people who don't even get the chance to have their own biological children.  I am thankful.  All that to say, it is hard too.  I fail so much at it.  I want to be the kind of parent who is able to talk calmly through issues with their children and show them their heart issues and point them to Christ.  I want to.  So many times I don't though.  So many times I get so frustrated.  I loose my patience.  My concern with myself is that I so many times want to create a robot out of Sarah kate and have her do the way I want her to and act the way that I think is appropriate, but not take the time to explain to her why she is to obey me and to look past the action to her heart.  I know that isn't what she needs.  She needs to know of her need for Christ.  She needs me to take time out to talk with her and be patient.  She needs Christ.  Making her do as a say doesn't necessarily show her that.  I don't want a child who obeys Momma so that they won't get a spanking or have time-out.  I want her heart to yearn for her Savior.  I want her to see her need for Christ.  Why can't I do that on a daily basis. 

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