Thursday, September 8, 2011

My little Ballerina!

Yesterday was a very special day for me as a mommy.  I got to take my little girl to her first ballet class.   We got all dressed in our little ballet outfit and got the hair put nicely in a bun and headed out.  She looked so stinkin cute :)  I might be biased, but that's alright.  She is in a class with several of her buddies from church and was so excited to dance with them as soon as she got in the room.  She walked right up to the teacher and started talking her ears off.  While I wanted to stay and watch (totally wanted to break all those rules about being that mom that won't leave the room and takes a gazillion pictures...), I didn't.  Instead, I headed to the playground with the other mommies, who just so happen to be friends and had a lovely mommy time.  SK was so excited when class was over (it might have helped too that she got a sucker!)  and was so wound up that nap completely didn't happen.  She had fun showing us some of the things they did and "teaching" me how to do ballet. 

On a side note (just one of those things for me to remember while I am thinking about it.)  Sk loves to dress up in her ballet outfit or in dress up dresses.  When Daddy is around, she wants music on and comes running to him and says "DADDY, you can be my man!"  "Come one!"  "Dance with me!"  I guess we have seen enough princess movies now, that she feels that in order to be a princess,  you need a prince.  Daddy is happy to fill that role.  I love it when she says it.  It melts me heart and I know he kinda likes it too :)


  1. So glad to hear it went well. I've been thinking about you this week with ballet starting up. Would love to hear how your day as the teacher went.

  2. Oh my goodness.... my heart just melted too! Just to see our little princess start ballet! Please keep the pictures coming we don't want to miss this time in her life! Our little Princess is absolutely beautiful!!! Love... Love you little one! Nana and Pop