Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Join the Club!

So I thought I would share a cool deal, esp. if you are in St. Louis.  I signed up for The Club early this year before my birthday since I heard you get a $10 gift card to the St. Louis Galleria Mall.  Since then I have signed up MIchael too and so far this year we have been able to get a total of $50 to the mall.  These are mall gift cards so they are good for any of the stores or restaurants.  No strings attached!  Pretty cool right!  They have this in other cities too, you can look and see if there is one close to you.  They will send you emails which you then take to the mall and get your gift card, really easy.  And then they have also given away gift cards others times of the year too.   On Valentine's day they sent an email to print and bring to receive a $10 card and then last week they did it again!  Check it know I love me some good deals :)

I know I need to blog about all that we have been up to.  Things I want to blog on soon (so I remember...)
*Our New Van!!!!
*Crafts I have been up to...
*SK update :)

I have been plenty busy the last few weeks.  I am taking class with Michael and that has been fun.  We have something going on most weeknights now, so things are just plain busy, but we are enjoying it.  Mondays are class (SK goes to the log cabin), Tuesdays I teach ballet, Wednesdays we have church (where I am helping teach SK's class), and Sunday nights we have K-groups (our church small group). 
Hopefully more blogging will come later.  I need to take some pictures of our van and the things I have been sewing, ect.
Hope everyone is having a good week!

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