Monday, September 6, 2010

Ways she melts my heart....

Sarah Kate has become very talkative lately. Well, i guess she has always been a talker, but she is starting to hold more conversations and join more sentances together. She tells me what is on her mind and is starting to get quite the imagination. The last couple of days she has melted my heart with her sweet words. Here's a glimse into some of our conversations lately:
**SK--"eat lunch, mama?"
**me--"ok, baby"--go fix lunch and we sit down at the table
**SK--"I love you, mama!" as she leans over to me to hug and kiss :)
(This is a new beautiful thing, that she is saying I love you to someone without it being a response to someone saying it to her).

**me--"hey SK, what did God make?"
**SK--"EVERYTHING!!!!" with her hands out wide and her eyes light up so bright!

At bedtime, we routinely go brush our teeth after reading a bedtime book and get baby and "maddy" (that is what she calls her blanky), then we go to our rocking chair and say night night prayers with mommy and daddy. She always wants to pray first (She has been doing this for a couple of months now) and then directs who she wants to pray that night, either mommy or daddy. Most nights her prayers are exactly the same.
**SK--"Dear God, had a great day!, Amen"
Last night, we came home from spending time a friends "farm house" and SK got in the rocking chair and we got ready to pray:
**SK--"Dear God, Thank you God for Farmhouse friends. Dear God, Thank you (for) Mama. Thank you (for) Daddy. Thank you friends at Farmhouse. Had a great day. Jesus watch over you. Amen!"
It was so sweet :) Then she looks at me:
**SK--"Mama, don't be scared. Jesus watch over you!"
(We always tell her that Jesus is watching over her as she sleeps so she doesn't have to be scared or cry, that God is right there protecting and loving her and she wanted to make sure mommy didn't cry when she went to bed, to know that God was watching over mommy too!)

Now here's a funny one. SK woke up yesterday morning and got in bed with Mommy and Daddy. We layed around in bed playing and chatting for a few minutes, then somehow we got on the subject of mommy's name. SK knows that Mommy's name is "Michelle". She cracks me up as she is telling daddy that Mommy's name is Michelle. Then it went like this:
**Daddy--"What is daddy's name?"
We haven't quite figured out Daddy has another name too :) I guess she has just heard other people refer to me as Michelle, that she thinks it would be cool to occasionally do that too. She is figuring out that she will call me Mommy and not Michelle though :) It is pretty cute I must say.

So that is all the cute stories I can think of right now. She is such a cute kid and cracks me up with her personality too!


  1. Oh so sweet... my heart just melted too! Thank you for sharing these precious... precious moments in Sarah Kate's life! You and Michael have done a wonderful job with Sarah Kate!!! With much love to you all, Mom/Nana

  2. O, it is so fun when their personalities start blossoming like that. I waited so long for Brandon to come around and now the child talks all the time! But it is blessing. SK is a sweetheart. She is so sweet when she comes up to me on Wed. nights saying "hold you?". I just can't resist!