Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thrifting Day!!

So today, I took advantage of Sarah Kate being at Mother's Day Out, and headed to the Lovelady Thrift Store in Irondale (that is after working out with my ladies doing some pilates!). It is can be challenging and sometimes really not even worth it to go places like that with Sarah Kate, so I enjoyed the time of getting to look through everything without my sidekick this time. So what did I find?

1. A fossil purse--over the shoulder kind. Fun fabric on the inside, great size, and good pockets for keys and phone and such. Love it for fall time. =$4

2. Express pants--These pants fit great, the length was great too! (which is hard for me)= $5

3. Can't remember the brand, yellow top--fun neck line, kind of boat neck like. Looks cute on and I love the color!=$4

Total: $13! Woohoo :)

Next I was off to Publix, of course, I did make a pit stop by Chick-fil-A and use 2 coupons (1 for a free large Coke and the other for free med. fries). Publix was a small trip, but I was excited to get to stock up of some free rice! So here's a run down on what was purchased there:

10 bags of Mahatma Rice: .89 cents each- .50 cent coupons doubled= .11 cents overage each

6 cans of Campbells Soups (Cream of Chicken and 2 Chicken and Rice soups): $1 each-.50 cents off 2 doubled=.50 cents each

4 cans of Campbell's Select Harvest Soups: $1.19 each-$1 off coupons=.19 cents each

2 Margaret Holmes Veggies: $1 each-.35 cents doubled coupons=.30 cents each

Bag of Tortilla Chips and Ritz Crackers: $2 for chips and $1.70 for the crackers (no coupons brought for either)

Total: $8 and some change!

Sarah Kate of course hopped in the car when I picked her up all excited about her "fun" day! And now, she is passed out in the bed :)

Hope yall are having a lovely and Thrifty Tuesday!

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