Thursday, September 16, 2010

Publix trip 9/15--good freebies!

Yesterday, Sarah Kate and I headed to Publix for a quick trip.

Totals: $14.48 spent/$46.64 saved

The freebies/really cheap included:
9 boxes of zataran's rice mixes (had peelies on the boxes for .50 cents off and they were b1g1 at $1.99 making them free!!
6 boxes of glory corn muffin mix (there is a .90 cents coupon here that is awesome!--they were .75 cents each, so each box was a .15 cents moneymaker!)
5 Phili cream cheeses ( $1.25 each on sale, used the $5 off 5 coupon that I told you about, so that made them .25 cents each!)
3 V-fusions--on sale b1g1 paired with a $1 coupons making them $1 each!
& Publix Coffee was the penny item
other stuff:
eggo's--b1g1 so $1 a box (couldnt find a coupon to go with them)
and splurged on some good Moz. cheese for the Lasagna I posted about earlier this week!
Love me some freebies!

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