Sunday, September 22, 2013

Pirates and Balloons!

We had a fun filled weekend!

Let's start with Thursday night.  At about 5:00 I saw on facebook people talking about getting free donuts for dressing/talking like a pirate, so I quickly decided we must participate in that :)

SK was willing to dress up for us and we watched a youtube video teaching how to talk like a pirate after eating a quick dinner.

We got a dozen free!  Yumm :)

The next night we headed to Forest Park to check out the Hot Air balloons, that happen every year.  We went last year as well, but I was about 38 weeks pregnant :)  SK thought they were all cool and fun till we got close.  She wasn't a fan this year of the flames and all...
 It was a gorgeous night--check out that sky!

 This is the face I get most of the time when I try to take her picture...
 So cool to see all the balloons light up at all the same time!

This is where SK stayed when we got close to the balloons...I promise she wasn't as scared as she looks in this picture...and we headed away from the balloons as soon as she said she was done :)

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