Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Meet Katie...

We would like to introduce you to our newest member, Katie :)
(This is after she escaped and right before she went into her cocoon)

Katie the caterpillar joined us a couple weeks ago.  She was a tiny thing then.  SK walked in the door with her new friend so excited and very anxious for her to become a butterfly.  So being the good mommy that I am...ahem...we made her a little home and researched (and asked another mom on campus that is a bit more experienced with how to care for them...).

Well, we made her a little home with the only thing we could find...a yogurt container with holes poked in the lid.  We put dill in there every other day, then decided it would be more fun to have her in a glass container so we could see her better each day.

Well, I had a mason jar, but no lid....do you know where this is going???!!!

I thought that she wouldn't try to climb out or couldn't, so it would be fine to not have a lid on it.  I was wrong.  Completely wrong.

She stayed for a couple days fine, but then it happened.  We were headed out the door this weekend to have a fun night and get Chick fil A.  We gathered up everything and I thought, ooh, I will check on Katie before we leave and see if she looking closer to getting ready to do the cocoon thing (I don't know the actually terms to say that...just work with me...)

And, where was Katie?  You got it...she wasn't in the jar.  She had ventured out to explore I guess.  Well the next 30 minutes involved Michael and I taking everything off of the bookshelves and pulling the shelves away from the wall and searching like crazy for our friend.  We couldn't find her.   We decided to head on out and resume the search when we got back.

After returning from dinner, we continued.  Finally, Michael found our little friend all comfy on the back of our couch just hanging out.  

Katie was returned to her glass jar, now with a lid.  The next day she knit (or however you say that...) her cocoon and is still in there...

We are hoping to have a butterfly in the next week or so :)  SK has had a blast with it and it really has been so incredible to watch how cool the process is.

God is pretty creative and amazing.

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  1. So glad you all have enjoyed Katie! :) Can't wait to see the pics of her as a butterfly!!