Friday, September 27, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday, Evie Joy!!!!!

I can hardly believe my baby is 1 today.  Dude.  Has it already been a year???

My heart is so full of joy as we celebrate her life today.  What a gift she is to our family.  She is just so cute and happy.

SO what all is she up these days?

*She has started taking steps.  She isn't "walking" I would say just yet, but she can take 3-4 steps now and getting closer to going further distances.

*She is sleeping better.  Not 100% of the time through the night still, but last night she slept through the night :)  I would say 5/7 nights a week she sleeps without waking any.

*She is ticklish.  The girl has the best belly laugh, just like her sister.  She loves to get tickled.

*She says "uh-oh" now.   So cute.

*She is def. a momma's girl when momma is around.  She loves her daddy, but if mommy is in the room, she screams for me.

*She gives the best open mouth kisses.  Grabs your face and lay a big ole wet kiss.

*She loves to eat.  We are progressing to more table foods it seems.   She loves crackers now too.

*She takes 2 naps a day still.  For the most part, she goes down pretty easily.  We can rock her for a couple minutes then lay her down and tell her "night-night" and she watches us leave the room, then lays on down and goes to sleep.

* She has 2 teeth, but 1 more that I believe finally cut through on the top yesterday.  Poor things has been teething all week it seems.

*We introduced her to whole milk this week, and she likes it.  She is still nursing, so we shall see how weaning goes as she gets more whole milk.

Today we plan to spend the morning together doing errands, then this afternoon we are headed out to go apple picking and do a picnic with friends.  We are taking a cake and plan to sing "Happy Birthday" out there and let her have cake :)  So no big party, but a simple fun family day.  Daddy doesn't have class today, since there are all kinds of festivities going on for the President Inauguration this weekend (Covenant--Michael's school--has a new President).  We went last night to a worship celebration in honor of this and it was incredible.

Well, off to get the day going and celebrate our baby girl!!!  More pics to come next time :)

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