Thursday, June 13, 2013


It has been a bit of crazy around here the last 2 weeks.  Michael is in an intense 4 week summer class and so he is having to be gone a lot to study and such.  We have been outside most everyday and loving this summer weather we have had so far....well, except the last couple of days it has started to hit the 90's and that makes it harder to be out all morning.
So with Michael gone all day except for a quick lunch, I don't get much time to do any sort of computer stuff, like blogging.
But, here I am!  I am still around, just trying to survive this crazy month.  The good news is that after this class, he has a break till fall starts at the end of August!  Woohoo.

In other news, Sarah Kate went this week to her first gymnastics lesson.  The girl is a monkey and I have thought for a while that she would love gymnastics.  And, she did.  She loved every minute of the class and asked multiple times yesterday when she was going back.  I didn't take my camera, but thanks to my friend (her daughter is doing the class too!), I did get a couple pics she sent on her phone to me!

And little Evie didn't want to be left out on the firsts going on around here, so she had many firsts at the playground last weekend as well.  She enjoyed the swing for the first time...

Well, mostly enjoyed it.
(and yes, I am that mom that snapped the picture of her screaming before tending to her...)

Then even tried out the push car thing for a couple laps around the playground and loved it.  In fact, she loved it so much that she screamed when we went to take her out of it because she wasn't ready to get up.

So there is a quick update.  We have a big weekend ahead too!  Our sweet, crazy, goofy, fun-loving Sarah Kate is turning 5 on Saturday!  I can hardly believe it.  Following along with our "firsts" theme, she is getting to have her first sleepover!  She invited 3 friends (I told her that was all mommy could handle...) to spend the night and celebrate with her.  She is so pumped :)   After the sleepover tomorrow night we have a fun day planned to celebrate our big girl!

Hope to be back on here before 2 more weeks pass...

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