Saturday, June 15, 2013

SK turns 5!!!

Today is a big day in our house!  My first baby is now officially a 5 year old!  I can hardly believe it. To celebrate, we let SK have 3 of her friends over for her first ever sleep over party!  It was quite the night.  Friends got here after dinner and we started out the party with a scavenger hunt that led the girls to SK's present from us (a rockin' microphone!).  Then they got dolled up with feather boas, earrings, and hair clips and freshly painted nails and rocked out taking turns singing.
After a bit of that we got set up for watching Cinderella with popcorn and goldfish.  The girls actually sat through the whole thing!  Then when that finished we got all ready for bed...
This was at about 9:30.  Somewhere around 11, they were all asleep....finally.
At 11:15, Evie woke up.  Yep.  Tended to her, then I finally got to bed.  Then she was up again at 2, then again at 4:40.  Booger.  Big ole booger.  At 4:40, she woke again, this time waking up one of the girls.  So I got back in the bed after tending to Evie at 4:50, then at 4:53, Eleanor came in our room and said she couldn't go back to sleep.  I sent her to SK's bed and told her to try hard :)  At 6, all the big eleanorgirls were up and at it :)
So here is the party in pictures:
 Chocolate cupcakes were the birthday girl's request!
 Daddy with his girls!
 Since she is now 5, she says she is big enough to hold her sister while standing!
 The picture to prove that mommy was there too...
 Let's get this party started!  All the guests arrived and got their boas and hair extensions on :)
 Getting our nails did...
 Time to watch the movie!
After waking up we had cinnamon rolls and sang "Happy Birthday!" to the birthday girl!

She had such a great time at her party and the rest of the day has been great too!  After her friends left this morning, we treated SK to a trip to Build a Bear and Chick-Fil-A.  It was a surprise that made her day!  After that, we headed home and SK and me cuddled up in my bed and took a long nap while Daddy did some school work and Evie napped.  As soon as we woke we decided to take a dip in the pool (at the house that I nanny at) then get our picnic supplies ready and head out to Shakespeare in the Park at Forest Park.  
I will post more tomorrow...I am pooped.  We only lasted about 15 minutes into the show before having to head out because of the rain.  Now we are watching a movie and heading to bed in about 2 minutes. 
More pictures to come tomorrow!

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