Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Trick or Treating fun!

Last week we had a fun night with friends on Halloween.  We started out the day with all of our friends in our building watching Charlie Brown and decorating sugar cookies.  Sarah Kate could hardly wait all day to get dressed up in her costume.  This year she had quite an opinion on what she wanted to dress up as.  It started about a month ago when she said she wanted to dress up as Batman, then it progressed to other characters including: Robin (Batman's friend), Ariel, Tangled (yet again), and then we finally landed on Snow White.
After having some fun with our neighbors upstairs we headed to our place to eat a quick bowl of chili, then outside to the annual Parade of Costumes.  There as so many kids living on campus and it is really fun to see all of the cute costumes!  The kids parade around the playground, then go trick or treating to all of the apartments on campus.  After all of that fun, we headed out with friends to a neighborhood for some more trick or treating!
Sarah Kate really got into it this year and we had to tell her to slow down after each house since she was literally sprinting to the next house as quick as she could.  It was fun to see her get so into it this year, but now I have a bowl full of candy that causes "issues" everyday.  She just doesn't understand why the candy can't be eaten throughout the day all day...
So now the pictures..

On a side note...notice how SK makes goofy faces with Mommy and Daddy pictures.  Yep, that is all she will do lately.  Goofy kid.

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