Friday, November 9, 2012

Birthday Celebration

Yesterday was both a vey special and a very messed up day.  We got to celebrate a little boys 5th birthday.  That was special.  The part that was messed up about it was that sweet little boy wasn't at the celebration.  You see...he is in heaven.  That isn't the way that it is supposed to be.  He should have been here celebrating and blowing out his own birthday candle.  He should have been the one opening presents and playing with buddies.  But he wasn't and that is screwed up.
Let me tell you about some dear friends of ours.
After moving on campus last year, I started a pilates class with some ladies here on campus.  I met Elizabeth via that and before we really ever met in person I found her blog.  And I stalked it for many hours reading her story.  Sobbing while I read it and amazed at it.  When we finally talked, we realized we had both read each other's blog and found that we had similar stories of having lost little ones way too early.  We immediately connected and became good friends.  It has been so awesome for our families to become so close over the last year.
Elizabeth and Chris were waiting for Owen's arrival 5 years ago.  Then one day when she was about 36 weeks she didn't feel him moving in her tummy.  She went in for an ultrasound and he was gone.  A couple days later they would deliver him at the hospital and hold his lifeless body and instead of bringing home their precious son they had to say goodbye to him.  That is jacked up.  That isn't the way it should have been.
Elizabeth is very honest in her blog and I love that about her.  She writes beautifully also.  It is amazing to see her struggles with the loss of her son and see how the Lord has worked in and through her.
I can see marks of how their story has shaped who they are.  God has and is using their story to bring glory to himself.
One day, not soon enough, we will all get to meet sweet Owen.  Come, Lord Jesus, come.  That day will be awesome.  I long for the day when all things will be made perfect again.  When there won't be separation and pain like this.
So yesterday was not how it should be, but it was a beautiful time that I could see God's love through.  We started out the party with a balloon release (which they have done every year).  Then we headed in for mexican food and cupcakes.  It was also a special time to get to talk to Sarah Kate about sweet Owen and how he was in Heaven and how we would get to meet him one day.
Happy Birthday, Owen!  I can't wait to get to meet you :)

Here is Elizabeth's blog if you wanna go check her out!  Hope you don't mind me talking all about you, Elizabeth :)  Love you friend!

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  1. Thank you, sweet friend! I don't mind at all. We are so thankful for you guys!