Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sister love!

SK loves her sister :)  I love that she loves her sister so much.  A couple things I don't want to forget:
--SK does such a sweet job of consoling her sister when she is upset.  She will rock her if she is in her carseat (like if we are getting ready to go out somewhere), or in the car she will give her the paci and soothe her by going "shhh....shhhh.....shhhh"
--She also loves to sing to her.  My favorite is when she sings "Jesus loves you" but instead of saying "you" she changed it to "Jesus loves Evelyn", so anytime in the song it says "You" normally, she sings "Evelyn" instead.  It is pretty precious to hear her sing that to her sister.
--At bedtime she likes to hold her sister when we do bedtime prayers.  Then she asks if Evie can lay in her bed with her for a minute before she goes to sleep.  Most of the time, Evie loves it and just stares at her sister :)


  1. I think seeing siblings together is one of the sweetest joys I've had as a mother. I'm so happy you are getting to experience all of that sweetness! Miss you friend, and wish I could snuggle on both your little girlies!

  2. As the girl's Nana... this just blesses my heart so very much! Thanking God for these precious gifts from HIM!

    Love you both to the moon and back :)