Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pumpkin Carving!

Yesterday we decided to finally get out and get a pumpkin to carve.  Instead of going to a pumpkin patch this year, we headed to the good ole grocery store to get our special pumpkin :)  That's just how it goes with a newborn...
I had seen a fun idea to carve a Hello Kitty out of the pumpkin and SK was very excited that Daddy was up to give it a try!  SK was a big helper while Daddy did the detail work of carving out Hello Kitty's face on the pumpkin.

On another note...Today marks the first time we actually got Evie dressed for church wearing something other than a sleeper or onsie :)  We actually had time to get both girls bathed and dressed this morning with time to spare! least time to spare before making it to church...we haven't been able to make it back to Sunday School yet.  AND let me tell you our little trick to have so much time on our hands this morning...SK gets up and comes in our room to tell us "the sun is up!"  I send her to go look at the clock in the kitchen to see what time it was since I didn't have my phone by the bed.  She comes back informing us that it was 8:15.  I jump in the shower thinking I could quickly get myself a shower before Evie woke up and Michael and SK went to go get breakfast going.  I get out of the shower and find Michael back in bed.  Turns out that it was only 7:15...not 8:15.  SK pulled a good one on us :)   I think she knows that if it was still in the 7 o'clock hour we wouldn't get kid and a stinker :)

I did take a second before leaving for church to document getting EJ dressed today :)   Isn't she cute!

(SK wanted to take a pic of me and EJ)

Off to eat lunch and have a restful afternoon hopefully if the girls decide to go along with that :)

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