Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Nana and Papa's visit

I am slow to blog these days...I guess I am too busy soaking up cuddles and such :)

And most of the time when I do get a chance to get on the computer, it is one handed while I am feeding Evelyn or holding her...
I wouldn't trade it for anything though :)

So, I will eventually catch up on here.  Starting now...
I can't believe our baby girl is almost a month old already!  We haven't had a weight check since last week (which she weighed 6 lbs. even, so pretty much back to birth weight).  She is doing good though and we will find out her weight at her 1 month check up next week, so hopefully we are still doing good at gaining weight!
We had a fun weekend this weekend, as Nana and Papa drove up to meet their newest grandbaby and see their first one too :)
It was so special to have them come up and stay with us!  They got here on Thursday and stayed until Monday.  We had some fun times hanging out at our apartment (including painting, leaf hunts, playground time, movie and popcorn nights, ect. ect...)!  And we even ventured out to the Art Museum and the Zoo on Saturday!  Oh, and a stop at Ted Drewe's for custard too!
We miss having family close by during this time of having our new little one, but these times that we do get weekends together are so special!  We are so thankful for family that love our girls (and us!) so much!
Nana and Papa--We wish we could see you guys more often and love yall so much!  SK and Evelyn are so blessed to have yall for grandparents!  We are counting down the days till we get to Alabama to see yall again!
Now for picture overload...
 Papa getting snuggles with Evie!

 Nana getting kisses from her girls!

Playing on the playground in our princess dress :)

 Lots of crafts went on this weekend :)

 Photo op when heading in to the Art Museum

Sea Lion exhibit (Evie is alseep in the stroller...) 

On our way to see the Elephants!

We had so much fun!  SK was sad to see them leave, but we are now counting down the days till Mimi's visit next week then counting down till we head to Alabama!


  1. Oh so very precious! Our heart overflows with love for our sweet family!!! We had a blast and are counting down the days until we are all together again at Christmas. We love our two little princess's to the moon and back... and we are pretty proud of their parents too!!!

    Nana & Papa

  2. Awe. Now it's my turn to go see my friends! I can't wait to hold little miss Evie!!

  3. I love the picture of Papa doing crafts with SK! How sweet! Glad you had a fun time! -Liz

  4. What a gorgeous family! You guys look so sweet all together. And Michelle you look so good! Glad to hear everyone is doing well. Kiss that baby for me!