Wednesday, August 1, 2012

On the countdown...

We are t-minus 6 days till Daddy returns.   I am so ready too.  We are hanging in there, but have definitely had moments of really missing him.  Yesterday morning was a morning I really missed him.  It didn't help that we had plans to go somewhere only to get to the van and realize that I had left my door slightly cracked and the car battery was dead.  That made for a rough morning.  I will say though that it has been awesome to see the Lord provide for me and Sk in so many ways while Michael has been gone.  Yesterday morning I wanted to break down and just sob, but the Lord was quick to show me that He will take care of every little detail and I am not sitting here in St. Louis alone even though my husband is across the world.  Within no time of discovering my car troubles I had multiple offers for vehicles to borrow, neighbors helping fix the car, and offers to help in whatever way I might need.  I am thankful to live in such a community that we are all family and are following the Lord's call to be the hands and feet of Jesus to each other.  I truly felt that yesterday.
And there have been multiple other times where SK and I are sitting in the apt. with no plans for the rest of the day and I start to get in a dumpy mood and want to sulk, then my phone rings.  Someone inviting us to play or eat with them or go do something together.  I mean really, within a few minutes most of the time when I get in that dumpy mood, the Lord won't let me stay there.  He is the great provider and has been for me so clearly the last 2 weeks.
So as hard as it has been to not have my hubby around, the Lord has and is using this time to show me His great love for me.  I am not thankful enough.  I don't rely of His strength enough.  I have seen that so clearly lately.
My mom flies in today till Sat. and I have a list of things hopefully to accomplish around the house.  Then, Michael will be back only a few days later!   We are on the homestretch!  I can't wait to hear more details from MIchael about his time in Cape Town.  He will actually be flying out on Sat. evening to London, but then spending a couple days in Manchester (north of London) with some friends of ours there.  I know he is looking forward to that time.
Alright, off to start my day!  More to eat!

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