Tuesday, August 14, 2012

All together :)

It is nice to have my hubby home.  Really nice.  Hopefully he will blog some more about his time in Africa and England soon.  I know I have enjoyed hearing all of details of his time there and how the Lord spoke to him during that time and used him there as well.  Don't you want him to blog more???
Anyways, we are all back together now and that makes this preggo lady happy.  I accomplished a good amount of things for Evelyn's room while he was gone and he has been awesome since he got back to cheek some more things off the list to get ready for this little girl's arrival.  The room is really starting to look cute!  I know having a fixed up nursery is totally not necessary, but I sure do enjoy doing it :)  I like to be crafty.  And it has been fun to do it in thrifty ways too.  I hope to have some pics soon of some of the projects we have done.  The room is still not photo ready :)  but we did get the bunting hung yesterday and frame for above the crib.   Oh...and speaking of the crib.  We went Saturday to get the crib out and put together only to discover that the hardware is MIA.  Somehow in the last 3 moves the hardware got lost.   Sad, sad day.  BUT, the crib company sent out a replacement hardware set yesterday (FOR FREE!), so we should be able to have it put together this weekend!
We are enjoying some down time around here before the fall cranks up in a couple of weeks.  Michael is getting back to work, but doesn't have classes yet, so we are soaking up some family time before things get more busy.
I am 33 weeks pregnant now.  Woohoo!  Getting closer :)  I should do a belly pic, I guess.  I am def. getting bigger according to the scales.  I went to the doc last Friday and now will start going every other week.  I can't believe we are at that point!  We had our ultrasound (which I get at every appt) and little girl is growing great!  According to the ultrasound she is weighing in at 4 lb. 6 oz!   That is huge compared to SK, who weighed 5 lb. 14 oz. at birth (40 weeks and 3 days!)  I think we will be surpassing that this time around, esp. if we go all the way to 40 weeks!
SK and Michael got to come this time and see her which was lots of fun.  So far to me and Michael she is looking like SK in the face, with a little button nose.  We shall see though.  Evelyn definitely likes to be all folded up in my tummy.  For the last few months, she has had her foot on her head somehow during the ultrasound.  It's amazing how folded up they can get in there and be comfy!
Alright, we are off to the zoo today for a fun day!  Well....as soon as everyone gets up and moving that is...
Hope everyone else has a great day too!

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