Friday, August 24, 2012

Cape Town week 1

Well if your still interested in hearing more about the Cape Town trip and you haven't lost hope that I'd finish blogging about it...thanks for hanging in there!  So I left off last by talking about getting to Cape Town and how the first day there was.  So that evening I talk to Rodger Beadle who is a recent Covenant graduate and he and is family are from Cape Town.  They had just gotten back to Cape Town about a month before I got there.  So we talked and planned to get together the next morning for breakfast before church.  I was so excited to get to see the Beadle family.  All of us at Covenant have missed them a great deal since they left.  So Sunday morning I got up and the Beadles came by where we were staying and picked me up and took me to breakfast.  They didn't just take me anywhere though.  They took me to this beautiful beach/bay area in Cape Town called Camps Bay.  We ate breakfast across the street from the beach and then walked over to the beach.

Me with the Beadles!

So I am starting to realize that I am getting long winded here and I could probably write a blog for everyday of my trip, so I will try to sum up the 1st week a little better.  So we got to visit a different church Sunday night and then began our week the next day by visiting the Student Y ministry building and toured the campus.  The next day we went out to False Bay to the Bible Institute where the Wannamakers serve and then headed out for a couple of sightseeing visits (I know it was a mission trip, but you can't go to Cape Town and not see some of God's beautiful creation there).  So we headed out to a beach where there are a bunch of penguins.  Then headed out to Cape Point, which is the southern point of Africa, and where the Indian Ocean meets the Atlantic.
Look at all the penguins!
Cape Point on the Cape of Good Hope
Pocher and I went to talk to students on campus together
Wednesday we worked at the Student Y by building the props that we would use for the mission week the next week, and some of us went on campus to talk with students.  Thursday we spent the day with Susan Newkirk, who works with children in the townships.  We went to a school in on township to put on a skit for the kids that Susan works with.  Friday morning I got up with some of the guys and we went to an early morning guys bible study called Ironman.
Some of the girls working on our props for the mission week
Hanging out with some of the students from the Student Y!
To round out the week, we got up Saturday morning to go work on a remodeling project at a local orphanage.  Our group spent all morning painting.  Afterwards some of the team went on a hike with some of the students to the side of devils peak and others went downtown to hang out together.  That evening we all went over to the McGinty's for a braai (an Afrikaans word for barbecue) with the other MTW missionaries in Cape Town.

What a wonderful 1st week it was and there are so many things that I am having to leave out just to keep this blog from being ridiculously long!  So week 2 coming next!  Thanks for reading!

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