Friday, April 1, 2011


So I have had a rough week. Nothing major bad, just seemed like a long week for some reason. SK had some moments she was testing me so much I wanted to scream. I feel like I have been somewhat negative (not giving exuses). I tend to do that when I get tired and I definitely didn't get enough sleep this week. So, I am determined to be positive today. I thought I might make a list of things to be thankful for and dwell on those instead of my lack of sleep or anything else that I am crabby about from the week...

  1. 1. My awesome, incredible, most amazing husband. He has been such a help to me and really tries with the time that he does have. Granted he has a lot with school going on, so I know he has a lot on him, but he still tries to encourage me and be there for me. For instance, he knows that I really enjoy having our bed made, but I leave at 6 in the morning, with him still in it. He gets up and makes the bed each morning and then reminds SK to make hers. He and SK are in charge of unloading the dishwasher and it is such a help to me.

  2. Knowing how to sew. I am thankful for Maja Clayton and how she ministered so much to me (and continues to from a distance..). She taught me so much not just in sewing, but in life. It amazed me how she openned up her home once a week to a bunch of crazy ladies with even more crazy kids and nurtured us. I am thankful that I can now take what she has shared with me and spread that. I am excited to get to teach other ladies here about sewing and open up my home to have some good fellowship.

  3. An encouraging phone call this week. I can't remember how much I have shared about how we have talked to a couple of adoption agencies, but I talked to another this week. We had been a bit discouraged about the financial aspect of us not making enough to be approved, but the phone call this week, gave us hope. According to them, we should be able to qualify with what are income is. We are still planning to take our time and wait until Michael hopefully finds an internship or something that he thinks he will stick with during the rest of seminary. You can pray for that. The job at Chick-fil-A has been such a blessing, but it is hard. He never knows his schedule each week and he works every Sat. This week he is working today till 7 then tomorrow till 7. I don't like that schedule, but will be thankful for a job right now. Back to adoption. We are taking time right now to study up on adoption and just learn everything we can and mainly praying about it. I am so encouraged though that this could happen sooner than we were thinking (meaning not having to wait till we are done with seminary).

  4. Sunshine. We have had way too many overcast grey skies since being here. Today, I sit looking out our front windows and see glorious sunshine. It's cold kinda, but at least the sun is out.

  5. Sk is napping today. Enough said.

  6. The Lord's provisions. It has been awesome to see how the Lord has provided for us and we are only a few months into this seminary thing. I love to see not only Him working in and through my husband but using this time to grow me.

  7. Peaceful mornings. I have to be at work in the mornings at 6:15. Yeah, a little early, which I knew might be a bit of an adjustment, but I am a morning person anyways, just maybe not that early. But I have seen how the Lord is giving me such an awesome opportunity to have quiet and rest. I have had a hard time since SK was born to find time to get into the word and spend good time in prayer and just sit at Jesus' feet. Now I get that most mornings. Molly tends to get up soon before or after I arrive, but goes back down within 30-45 minutes and I have a quiet house till Sk gets there around 8. Since I am not at my own house, I don't have the option to go do laundry or dishes or piddle on the computer. Thank you Father for that. It is so incredible. I can pray and read or I can knit or smock. It is lovely and I am very thankful for that.

  8. Leftover Papa John's pizza. That's what I am snacking on now :) then I think I will have to wash that down with a White Chocolate Chocolate chip cookie. Yesterday was nice to order a pizza. I haven't ordered one since living in Alabama and I love me some Papa John's. Pizza here is different. Most St. Louis people I have found like the really thin almost like a saltine cracker with cheese on top kindof pizza. Me, I like Papa Johns.

  9. Sk's heart. We had an incident yesterday where she refused to go potty when mommy recommended and then proceeded to tee-tee all over an ABC puzzle. I was upset, not only from that but it seemed to be the icing on the cake for the day and she knew mommy wasn't happy. But, she came to me on the couch about 15 minutes later and wanted to pray for forgiveness and pray for "Mommy's heart" and "SK's heart". Her prayer was precious. I wish I could have recorded it. What I have learned from that child is beyond me. She has taught me so much and I love her so much.

  10. Movie night with my husband. He doesn't know it yet, but he is gonna watch a movie with his wife tonight after SK goes to bed. I haven't consulted his papers that are due or the books he has to get read, but they will just have to wait. I'm cutting in on tonight. At least for a couple of hours to rest and wind down from a crazy week.

I should do this more often. I so often get caught up in the bad of the day and don't sit back and see how much good there is all around me and how blessed I truly am.


  1. I like to read this. It is SO EASY to get caught up in the bad, especially once it starts to snowball on you. I will be praying with you on all these things you asked prayer on. I am so happy to see that SK decided to nap. Woo hoo! Glad you are having a good day, my friend!

  2. I loved reading this post, too! Makes me wish we our time in Alabama could have overlapped. Praying for you all.