Thursday, April 7, 2011

A picnic and a date :)

We had a fun day with friends at a great park. It seems like there are so many good parks here in St. Louis, which I love. This one that we went to today had a great little playground, walking paths with a cute pond and fountain, and horse stables (along with many horses). We got to play for a bit then watch the horse get his horseshoes changed out, go for a walk, and then have a little picnic. It was a bit chilly, but warmed up just as we were getting ready to head out. I think warmer weather is headed our way this weekend. I hope so. I need some good warm weather. We had some good naps and now are getting ready for our date tonight. SK has a date with a very generous, kind, wonderful family while Mommy and Daddy have dinner together :) I think Sk is going to have a tea party, which she is packing up for. Isn't it necessary to have the proper attire to attend a tea party? :) This is a quicky post, just thought I would share some pictures really of life here the last few days...meaning I will quick jabbering and just show the pictures. That's what yall really want, right?

We are having Missions Week at the church we attend here and are enjoying getting to meet some really cool missionaries and here about how they are seeking to grow the Lord's kingdom all over the world. Off to get ready for my date for now though! More to come later this weekend I hope!

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  1. I so very much love the pictures. It is like I am seeing Sarah Kate grow a little more and a little more each week through your blogs and pictures. Thank you for sharing! It helps that need to see my baby girl!
    Love MIMI!!