Sunday, April 3, 2011

Couponing and Sunshine

We had a pretty uneventful weekend around here. Except for getting a total of 24 bags of cheese :) Those of you who knew my crazy couponing adiction (a good adiction in my opinion..hehe..), know the reason I would go crazy and buy 24 bags of cheese. When it is a great deal, stock up! And this was an awesome deal. I got each bag for about .30 each. And on top of that I got 3 boxes of Michael's favorite cereal ( has chocolate in it...imagine that!) for $1.88 (so that would be a horrible price if I lived in Bham, but for here, that was good), but they also had a deal to get a free gal. of milk wyb the three cereals. Good deals :)

Michael had work on Friday night and all day Saturday, so me and SK had some good hang out time. We had swim lesson on Sat. then headed outside to break out the sidewalk chalk for the season. I love being able to go outside and play and SK needs to be able to do that. Wintertime is hard being cooped up. Yesterday and today were lovely getting over 80 degrees today. It felt so nice.
Sat. we also got a special treat from Nana and Papa in the mail! SK had a blast opening the box and finding the goodies and book. I think she has read that book 75 times in the last 24 hours!
We have had a nice Sunday too. The church we are attending is having their missions conference this week, starting off today. We had lunch with a missionary family that our church back in Alabama supports also, so that was fun.

Well, I am off to get ready for bed. Back to the 5 a.m. alarm in the morning :)

By the way, this better be the only way we can make a snowman for then next several months!


  1. Awesome deal on the cheese! Ok, crazy weather there...snow recently and then 80 this weekend?! CRAZY :)

  2. Did Jessica Parris take your picture? Did you make that precious outfit SK is wearing? Can you tell I just found your blog through facebook?