Thursday, October 7, 2010

Update on Life around here

Well, life is definitely changing around our house in the next few months. So here is a recap of our last year and where we are headed. Brace for a long post:

Last year Michael began taking seminary classes here in town. He felt led to take the classes not exactly sure where it would lead to, but knowing God was at least calling him to take those classes. Well, he loved the classes and felt the desire to go for his MDiv (Masters of Divinity). For some reason, (We feel the reason being God's calling), Michael began getting interested in two schools. After approaching me (to which I responded "I don't think so") we decided to visit both seminaries. To recap how I felt, nervous and anxious. I was okay with him taking just a couple classes here in town and not quitting his job, but now things were getting a little too uncomfortable for me. He was interested in RTS in Jackson, MS which I was learning to get okay with, since it was still in the south and not too far from everything we know in Bham and then he was also interested in Covenant Theological in St. Louis, MO. I was not happy about that one to begin. Thoughts that ran through my head include, "Have you lost your mind", "Heck NO", and "Absolutely not!". I didn't really even want to visit this school, but finally being the good wife (hehe) agreed to take a trip there. We liked RTS and it was a great school and we had a great visit there, but then came the trip to St. Louis. Before the trip even began, I could feel the Lord changing my heart. I started to feel excited about getting up there to see it and then thinking "what is wrong with you, don't say that!" So we get to St. Louis and love it. Absolutely loved it and for some reason, it felt like we were going to call this place home at least for our seminary years. Michael ended up sick while we were up there, but we still were able to leave there saying, that's it. Oh, and forgot to mention, that after coming back from Jackson and before leaving for St. Louis, we up and decide, "hey! Let's put our house on the market!" We had decided that if the Lord was truly calling us to one of these schools, then we would put our house on the market and wait on the Lord. We prayed that if the Lord wanted this, then He was going to have to do the work. Well, 2 and 1/2 months later, our house was sold. We were shocked. It did not make sense at all. Why did our house sell before other houses. All we could say was, "but, God!" The doors then opened for a rental house by some sweet friends of ours that we would be able to rent for as long as we needed, be it 6 months or a year. After selling the house, we then decided to apply to Covenant to start in January and were accepted.
We have wanted to sing from the rooftops of God's grace and provision through all of this, but have also wanted to be very careful with how to handle Michael's job. Financially, we need his job until it is time for us to move, so we have had to be careful on how to handle. Well, Michael meets with his boss today. I guess you could say the "cat is out the bag".
Why do I tell you all of this?
For one, I wanted to have this written for something we can come back to look at to remember how the Lord provided and paved the way for us to get there.
2, We desperately need your prayers. There is still much to work out for us to get there in January.
We hope to use this blog as a means to keep everyone up to date as we make our move and get settled in St. Louis. We want this to be a place where we can come to get our prayer needs as we go through this journey of seminary. We know it won't be easy, but we want to do more than just survive these years up there. We want to thrive during this time.
So, with that all said (hope you are still with me, I know it's a long one)... here are some things you can pray for us about:

*Pray for Michael as he meets with his boss today. Pray that his boss will be willing to let Michael stay until Dec. 31st. Pray that the Lord will be glorified through the meeting and Michael will have the right words to say.
*Pray for Michael to be at peace about leaving his job. He knows that the Lord has called him, but struggles with the unknown of how the Lord will provide while in St. Louis. Pray as Michael begins to look for work up there. He needs to find part-time work that will not be stressful on him.
*Pray as Michelle looks for work too. She is looking for something that she will be able to do and keep Sarah Kate with her.
*Pray as we look for housing. We are taking a trip Nov. 3-6--pray for safe travels and the doors to open at a rental that would be safe and affordable.
*Pray for our families. We are moving their grandbaby 8 hours away and I know it will be an adjustment for them, as well as us.

That's enough for now. If you have made it this far reading, thanks for sticking with me :)
We truly appreciate the prayers right now.


  1. Michelle,
    I am super excited about what God is doing and showing your sweet little family! God is good and will provide for you needs. I know the unknown is so hard and I have been there recently with moving to Prattville...I went through a similar situation in which I thought at first I didn't want to move but then was excited. I love it here...however, I miss Dothan now that I am gone. But God has taught me and is still teaching me that he is in control of this situation. I will be praying for you and Michael!

  2. To God be the glory, great things He has done!!! He will give us the grace we need at the moment it is needed... He is so faithful! I stand in Awe of The Lord our God!!! And It is such an honor and a blessing that we get to share life with You and Michael, and our precious little Sarah Kate... all of you bring us so much joy, so much gladness, so much love!!! I have so much to say to you all... I can't even begin to say it here... Just know (with tear filled eyes) that my cup overflows with love, and my heart is blessed!