Monday, October 25, 2010

New Look

Well, it was time for another blog update. Life continues to be crazy around our house. We are transitioning from Michael working in Anniston to now being in Birmingham for the rest of the year until we head up the St. Louis. He is now working second shift, which means we get more time with him in the mornings, but he doesn't get home until at least 8:30 or later. We are adjusting, but I keep reminding myself, "It's only 2 months!" Dinners are harder since SK and I eat earlier and I get her to bed, then when he gets home, he has to eat dinner (a really late dinner). We are staying up later at night, but SK is still the early bird in the house. We will adjust and be fine. It is just another transition on our path. I am sure we will continue to see many more.
On another note, Michael and I have been discussing trying to make this blog about keeping friends and family up to date on our fun times ahead in St. Louis. We want this to be a place for a multitude of things including:
*SK updates and pics and sharing what she is up to.
*How you can pray for us and what the Lord is doing in our lives as we dive into this journey of seminary.
And I still want to continue my posts on frugal fun stuff and sewing and such
And, we are thinking we will now have 2 authors :) Michael is going (I think he will have fun with it too!) to be joining the blog and posting some too. I love this idea myself, we shall see how it works, but I am thinking how cool it would be to have this as a place he can share some cool stuff he is learning and how the Lord is growing him through all of our craziness for the next however many years (well really we are going to be growing the rest of our lives, but you know what I mean).
Well, that is new news around our house. We are gearing up for our St. Louis trip next week to hopefully find some housing and do some job interviewing type of stuff too. CRAZY!! Time is flying by and we are excited, anxious, (*insert any time of emotion possible and we are there).
I will hopefully get to another blog about this last weekend! We had a great weekend spending time Sat. with Mimi, Johnny, Jamie, and Mackenzie at the pumpkin patch. SK had a blast riding on the tracker, picking the pumpkins, and seeing all of the fun animals in the barn. Sunday we got to have some fun too with Nana and Pop hanging out at their house. SK passed out in the swing by late afternoon then had a yummy dinner and headed home to get to bed.
I know it is just wrong to post without a picture, but I have to upload all my pictures off my camera and I am just too lazy right now to do it. Sorry, but hope to get some up tomorrow!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the Pumpkin Patch fun with me! I love taking the girls and time spent with all of you is priceless!
    Love with Mimi Hugs!!!