Saturday, March 16, 2013

We're here in Jolly Ole England!

Well, It's 1:00 here in the UK and of course Evie is up :)  Been up for a bit actually.  She just watched her Praise Baby movie 2 times so I got a bit of rest....
So much for hoping England would suddenly make her an amazing sleeper.

Moving on.

So how's it going so far.   Well, great.  We are sleep deprived, but making it.  We flew out Friday afternoon (stateside time) and arrived in here Sat. morning (UK time).   We didn't get any sleep on the plane other than me kinda dozing off while feeding Evie and then holding her while she napped.  We thought we were going to end up with seats (which we upgraded to at the last minute when they became available that had a place for a bassinet to attach to the wall of front of you, but low and behold we get on the plane and no bassinet.  That stunk.  But we pushed through yesterday without any sleep and made it till 8:30 when we crashed.  Of course Evie had been asleep a good 30 minutes and woke just as I was starting to doze, but I got her to sleep and got about an hour then :)

ugh.  I could use some rest.  She is eating now and prayerfully we are about to get some more sleep.  I am looking forward to worshipping at Grace Fellowship in the morning.

We spent our day yesterday just getting settled here with our friends (the Donahoo's) mostly.  We went for breakfast (can't remember the name of the place...will have to ask again...), then took a walk in to the village center to get groceries and some fresh air (and keep us moving).  We checked out Sainsbury's (their grocery store) and got some food.  We came back, hung out and made potato soup.  It was a lovely day and good chats and catching up.

Off to try to lay this baby down....

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  1. Glad you made it safe!!!! We'll pray for good sleep. Keep posting! :)
    Love, the girl upstairs :)