Thursday, March 28, 2013

6 months!!!

Our baby girl is officially 6 months today!  Hard to believe :)  So for fun and memories sake, here is a break down on what all she is up to these days:

*While we were in England, she finally rolled over for the first time.  She rolled from back to tummy on Monday night about 3 times or so before bedtime, then has done it just about every day since then.  She is funny though, since she doesn't really enjoy being on her tummy.  She rolls onto her tummy and gets mad till you help her get back onto her back.

*Today she had her first taste of food.  She was funny to watch trying to eat avocado.  She wasn't quite as funny as SK was, but she was still cute :)  We started so early with SK (at 4 months), so I think Evie is more ready to start foods and will do better at it earlier.

*She is still a booger about bedtime and sleeping at night.  During our trip, she never really got the whole time change thing, so most nights she would be wide awake for long stretches during the middle of the night till around 4 a.m.  Fun times, really.  Actually as I type right now she is crying in her bed after I have already gone in there 3 times to get her down and stay.  She will be asleep in my arms then wake up within 30 minutes or less realizing she isn't being held by mommy.

*She is getting more and more into toys.  She loves playing in her jumperoo and bouncing around.  We have already put her swing away since she was never really into it, unlike her sister who loved to swing and would take great naps in it.

*She did great on the airplane ride, both coming and going to England.  She was pretty easy for the whole ride, which was great for us.  We never really got to sleep any, but I am not sure we would have slept even without having a baby with us.

Don't know her stats as far as weight and height, but will update after her doc appt. next Friday :)

That's it for tonight, more blogging about our trip to come soon!

A few more pictures :)  Oh, and I did take pictures in England, I promise. Just haven't gotten around to those blogs yet...

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