Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hot Air Balloons and Pumpkins

What do hot air balloons and pumkins have in common, you might ask?  Nothing.  Except for they are two things that I have wanted to blog about and haven't had time to.  I actually took pictures, which hasn't happened too much lately. 

A couple weeks ago (ok, so more like a month ago...) we went with some friends to Forest Park, which is this awesome place where all of the museums and zoo and such are.  They were having the annual Hot Air Balloon Race.  You can go on Friday night before the race and see all of the ballloons light up and see them up closely, but we weren't able to make it to that (maybe next year?).  On Sat. (which we did make it to) they race.  So we went with a few friends to the top of Art Hill (where the art museum is) and watched the balloons take off.  We weren't very close, but it was fun to watch the balloons from a distance.  SK had a blast playing with friends more than watching the balloons I think :)

Now to the pumpkins.  We went this last week with some friends on a playdate to one of the pumpkin patches.  It seems like there are so many great pumpkin patches and fun fall activities here in St. Louis.  It is getting me very excited for fall.  We went on a weekday morning, so when we got there, we were almost the only ones there.  We played on the playground area, saw the animals and walked through the pumpkin patch.  SK ended up selecting a white pumpkin that we could paint (which we haven't done yet, but will soon!)

Okay, so there is a picture full blog, finally right :)  We have had a nice weekend too.  I had Friday off of work, so got to enjoy the morning with my girl and then Michael sent me off for the afternoon to have some "me" time, which was so lovely.  Then, Friday night we got to have a date while SK played at the Log cabin (free childcare on campus).   Yesterday, was a big lazy.  As in I stayed in my pj's till 1:00 p.m.  Yep.  I cleaned the house a bit and SK played with friends and Michael worked on a paper that is due this week.  We had a Professor and his family over last night for dinner which was so fun. It has been so awesome to get to know the professors here and know that they really do want to get to know their students and hang out outside the classroom.  And me to get to know their wives.  They have 4 children and their daughters are big into ballet, so we got to talk ballet a lot, which I loved.
Alright, I think that catches me up somewhat with the blogging.  Hope everyone has a blessed Sunday.  I am looking forward to worship this morning.


  1. Sounds super fun! I am so glad you and Michael finally got your date night. I can always tell when Brian and I need one too. I've been praying for you, Michelle. Give SK a squeeze for me!

  2. Oh what fun, fun, fun... I love it!!! But I'm a little sad that Nana and Pop are missing out on this wonderful time of year with our little princess! Love to you all dear ones :-)