Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Belated birthday, Sarah Kate!

Well, I am getting to be quite a slacker with blogging, but packing and purging are consuming my time lately (plus Sarah Kate time too:)). Last week we celebrated our baby's 2nd birthday! I can not believe she is 2 already. We had a birthday party at our friends (The Clayton's) pool the weekend before her birthday. She had a blast at the party. She loves swimming in the pool, and add to the some pizza, icecream, and cupcakes, and we had one happy baby girl! Here are some pics of the party day! Enjoy!

Sarah Kate got many special gifts from friends and family. We have had a blast playing with her new babies, dress up things, make-up, bubbles, and all sorts of fun things. One special gift was made by her Pop and Daddy (with design and paint credit going to Momma and Nana). We decided it would be so awesome for the guys to build Sarah Kate a play kitchen (Pottery Barn like--without the Pottery Barn price tag). We had so much fun designing and putting together this kitchen for Sarah Kate. Here are just a few pics for now, more with come :)

We haven't been to our check up at the doc, so I don't know her stats for what she is weighing these days. Here are some things she is up to though:
*Loves Milk! Will drink a whole sipy cup in the morning and then ask for more.
*Most days it is a challenge to get her to eat good. She eats, just not as much as Mommy thinks she should sometimes (varies each day)
*Talks like crazy now and makes sentances. Remembers her friends names and talks about them when they aren't around.
*Loves the swimming pool and being outside all the time!
*Plays with: babies, bubbles, cooks in her kitchen, piano (loves to play Mimi's piano and Nana's keyboard), LOVES reading books, and coloring--likes to color more with pens than crayons though.
That's about all we got time to report on now! We are having a Moving Sale this Fri and Sat., so our week has been filled with preparing for that! Come check it out if you are in town! Lots of goodies you should take to your home :)


  1. LOVE that play kitchen! She is going to have soooo much fun with that!